Monday, September 18, 2006


"Sometimes we adjust our ways of thinking to accomodate our hearts....we need so much to love.... to be loved...... and it feels so damn good when it is returned.....even though sometimes it is so very hard......we have to give it......our love has to be cannot be held we accept that things are not as we want them to long as we can express our love......and receive love....that is the need at least partially fulfilled."

A thought a very dear friend inspired.....and one I do not want to forget.....gifting our love to another.....releasing our love....allowing ourselves the freedom to express it.....sometimes that is enough...... And in turn allowing ourselves to accept the love of another in whatever form they are able to give enough.


Fiona said...

What a wonderful post and what a wonderful way of looking so selflessly at love. By gifting love.

I feel that way right now with someone, someone I love, that we are gifting each other with our love and that, no matter the outcome - and perhaps because we simply don't have one yet - we can gift this way.

Just letting it flow between us, each moment one of enrichment for both of us.

It's enough for us only for the moment, we do want more. But whether we get more is really up to us.

Phil said...

I don't believe that we should accept love in any way it is given as they could be a very bad thing. Real love is a hard thing to find and if we are open to a liberal interpretation we may be setting ourselves up for heartbreak.

DG said...

ah sunny, I love the sentiment here.

Sunny Delight said...

Fi--I want to remember that love can take many forms, and even though the way one person shows me they love me may not fulfill all of my needs, I can still accept their gift of loving me...and I in turn may not always fulfill another's needs either, but through my actions and words I can hope they feel my love for them...

Phil--Giving and receiving love...can cause pain...but I can't stop loving just because it is painful...someone, I think maybe on Fiona's blog, said that through the pain of loving also comes joy, do we give up that joy, just to not feel pain?...There are unhealthy ways to love,I have had that kind of love directed toward me.... it can be harmful, it can be frightening...but I was also able to get past it to the otherside....and hopefully by returning my love in a way that was healthier, I may have helped is a hope... plus is it not also unhealthy to fear love?

dg--thank you