Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sound Familiar?

"Gawd! I just don't understand him!" (her voice filled with confusion)

"We don't spend any time together anymore" (she is sounding anxious)

"He doesn't have TIME for me anymore." (her voice getting a bit louder)

"I didn't talk to him last night" (now she is sounding more anxious and confused)

"We talked for all of 5 minutes today." "When we did talk, I asked him what was wrong, he said nothing, why? I said because I just have that vibe, he said, "You and your fing vibes!" ( her anger setting in)

"When I told him I love him, he didn't answer back for the longest time, so I just hung up." (tears starting to slowly seep from the corners of her eyes)

"He used to tell me everything, now he tells me nothing." "He is the one who told me he loved me first, and I told him I wasn't ready to say that, and when I did, he would know that I meant it!"

*leaves room with tears falling, returns 5 minutes later*

"I can think of only one reason he wouldn't tell me he loves me, his fing parents were in the room, he better grow some freaking balls, coz if I can tell him I love him in front of MY parents, he can do the same!"

"He used to tell me everything, now he tells me nothing." (tears really falling now)

"We need to spend some face to face time so he can know how serious I am!"

No matter if it is two 16 year olds, or 40 year olds, does loving someone ever really change that much?


Fiona said...

Loving someone, and having them love us back, or not, doesn't change at all does it.


Sunny Delight said...

sadly it doesn't seem to. and so it goes.