Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sound Familar? Pt. 2

Phone conversations, Oh the drama!

bf: Why did you hang up on me?

gf: Because you wouldn't answer me back, why?

bf: Because I am not sure I feel that way anymore

gf: But you were the one that said it first, and when I finally said it back, you were soooo happy

bf: Yeah but I am not really sure anymore, and I don't really have time for a gf right now.

gf: what? WHAT?

bf: Well with my sport and everything, I just don't have time. I don't think I really have time for a gf right now.

gf: What? What is going on? I knew there was something wrong

bf: Well, I don't know, can't we just get together like once a week, you know when I have time? We could make out and stuff.

gf: Wait, you think you don't love me anymore but we can get together and make out?!!

bf: Yeah

gf: No, no I am NOT going to be that!

bf: So what do you want to do?

gf: It sounds to me like we are breaking up. Because I am not going to just sit around waiting for you to have time for me.

bf: Great everyone is going to hate me, cause we broke up

gf: You are worried about everyone else hating you? What about me? YOU SHOULD BE WORRIED ABOUT ME HATING YOU!

bf: So can I still come over tomorrow night?

gf: What? You want to know if YOU can still come over tomorrow night? Why?

bf: Uummm, so we could talk, you know.

gf: Ya' know what? I don't care, I'm grounded anyway do what you want. Goodnight *end*

* phone rings again*

gf's best male bud: Hey whats up

gf: I'll tell you whats up, bf andI just brooooooooooooooke UUUUPPPPPPPPPPPP! *sobbing*

gf's best male bud: Awww I am sorry, but I know what it feels like.

gf: No you don't. I HATE YOU ....... YOU HAVE A PENIS! *end*

*phone rings again*

gf's best male bud: *laughing* I'm sorry I have a penis.

gf: *laughs* No I'm glad you have a penis. I think I needed to say that.

gf's best male bud: I do know how you feel though, and the sad thing is, if she called me and wanted to get back together....I would do it.

gf: Yeah I know, and she is a bitch....but I need to talk about meeeeeeeeeeeeee right now!
I'm gonna call my bestgf, someone without a penis! bye. *end*

and the saga will continue into the night

But damn? I did love the penis line! *chuckles*

Plus mature it up just a bit, and it could be so many of us when dealing with relationships, only I am wondering, maybe they are just a bit more honest about it.


Phil said...

LOL! The girl's best male buddy should have stayed on the line, acted empathetic with the "I'd never treat you that way. They don't appreciate us" line and then scooped up the rebound. That was always so easy.

Sunny Delight said...

phil--gf and best male buddy tried that already when both were on the rebound before.....being friends works much better for them....sigh..feel so bad for her today...didn't want her to experience heartbreak so early.

Phil said...

Heartbreak is a part of adolescence. Since so many of the feelings and situations are new to them they are experienced much more intensely than if they had gone through it before. That's why we always remember our first love so poignantly.

Sunny Delight said...

phil--my rational side knows this..the mother in me doesn't have to like it though...funny, such little things can make it ache little less... a girlfriend that says "well now you can talk out loud with the rest of us about hot guys", hugs whenever needed, a listening ear (with my voice turned off--very hard to do) a small stuff animal that makes a silly giggle inducing sound, a dish of chicken lo mein...and we had a couple smiles from her....

she is very well-centered for one so young, she maintains that comic relief is the short-term answer to most of life's ills....well laughter, a half-pint of dove ice cream and a hot bath.