Sunday, September 24, 2006

My Sunday Sunbits

I am procrastinating big time today....there are several things that I MUST DO, HAVE TO DO, ARE TOTALLY NECESSARY THAT I DO DO!!!! So am I doing them? ...........nope.

Trivia that interested me this week:

30% of all marriages occur because of friendship----this I believe, and they end because one partner suddenly decides that friendship is not enough........or they begin as lust-filled infatuations that wane to friendship and again.... at least one of the partners is dissatisfied....anyway that's my current view on that particular subject.

Ale: Ale usually has a fuller flavor and body than lager or pilsner. The length of time the malt is roasted determines the color and flavor of the ale. Pale ales have malts that are dried rather than roasted. Therefore, they have a light gold or copper color, and a crisp, lighter flavor.

If the above information only tends to wet your whistle for more, then go here.

Quote attributed to Picasso: "There are two kinds of women--- goddesses and doormats"

I used to be a AM A GODDESS!

Did you know?
During the late 1970's the Coca Cola Company boycotted Saturday Night Live because of the John Belushi character-the greek retaurant owner-- who would say, "No Coke--Pepsi"...I remember this, he would always repeat the phrase several time during the skit. Ah....the days of my youth...I dunno why they cared....I still preferred Coke over Pepsi? What about you? Coke or Pepsi?


Fiona said...

I'm a goddess wannabe *L*

oh and also a terrible procrastinator I sit here reading blogs instead of working!!

Well hey, you can't say I don't have my own set of priorities ;)

oh coke...pepsi tastes sort of chemically (not chemical ali) to me!!

plano said...

I prefer Coke to Pepsi.

Must be contagious, The Wife had the same thing... avoidance of what must be done.

Any stats on how many friendships occur because of marriages?

Sunny Delight said...

Fi--you are leaving for vacation! You have a right to procrastinate...and no you are not a wannabe...YOU are a GODDESS!

Plano--my question would be how many male/female friendships develop outside of the marital relationship because of marriage?

X. Dell said...

Well, technigally, you're a cyber queen, but goddesshood is well within your reach:-)

I prefer Pepsi over Coke (or vice versa) at different points in my life. Right now, I'm in a Pepsi phase.

Sunny Delight said...

xdell--that is x-cyber GODDESS! Oh Yeah!

It is strange how we go through phases isn't it...I remember back in the early 80's all I drank was Tab...everything else was just too sweet, now it tastes soooo bad.....i like my cola fully leaded and with lots of carbonation once again..which leads me back to coke.