Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Who'da thunkit?

A recent phone conversation with my very dramatic 15 year old niece.

"Aunt Sunny, guess what famous person just randomly called me?" (I can practically see her wiggling with excitement over the phone!)

With her age, I am racking my brain trying to think of who this famous person could be, who could I guess? I think I guessed Orlando Bloom.

"Nooooooo! nevermind you will NEVER guess! It was Sylvia Brown! Isn't that soooooo cool?"


"Sylvia Brown!"


"SYLVIA BROWN!" "You DON'T KNOW who Sylvia Brown IS?"

"Nope, who is she?"

"My GAWD!!! She is like this really famous psychic! She is on Montel like every Tuesday (or some such day, I don't remember). I can't believe you don't know who she is, my GAWD! She is like soooo famous!"

"Really? That is pretty cool. And is she right most of the time?"

"Oh gawd yes! Like ALL the time!"

"What did she want? Why was she calling you?"

"Welllllll, she wasn't really calling meee...... she must have had a wrong number. But she kept leaving these messages for Maria (now if you know Sylvia's voice, this adorable mimic imitated her voice every time she said the name Maria! exclamation points included, or at least I am assuming it was Sylvia's because it certainly wasn't hers)

"Anyway, she would say..."Maria?! Maria!? Maria!? Are you there? I have some really good news about your case, have your mother call me! Maria!?" Gawd this is just sooooo cool!"

" Aunt Sunny, then she called back again! And said, "Maria!? Maria!? Oh why aren't you home? You should be home! Call me! I have some great news! Call me back as soon as you get home!"

She left like 4 messages on our answering machine! It was soooo cool, I called like everybody I know and played them for them. Ohhh I can't believe you don't know who Sylvia Brown is!"

"Do you think I should check the caller ID and let her know she had the wrong number?.....Oooh that would be sooo cool!"

"Honey, I think you had better ask your Mom that question."

"Okay bye! this is sooooo coool!"

"Maria! Maria! Maria!" (again with the imitation of Sylvia before she hung up)

It still makes me smile, I can hear her doing her Sylvia imitation even now.

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Fiona said...

ok I'm laughing my ass off here

a really famous psychic who can't even get a telephone number right?