Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Remember in literature, or english class when we were taught the basic questions for creating a story line, the who, what, where, why, and how?

The other night, I was completing a character sketch for a story I am working on, when it hit me, perhaps I should fill out one on myself. If I did, would I perhaps learn some things about myself that I have not really spent much time thinking about? Or at least maybe the questions would focus my thoughts more, help me determine some reasons why I do the things I do, make the decisions I make, or in reverse, why there are some things I do not do, decisions I do not make.

The questions that provided this insight to me are the following:

What is this character's major goal?
Why is this goal so important to this character?
Are there any events in the character's past that affect the significance of this goal?

Describe your characters life till now, motivations, family situation, pet peeves?

Something to think about, my why, what, when, who, where. I think I have ask myself over and over again, how. How I came to be at this point in my life. But the rest, not so sure. I think they will be very hard questions to answer. But food for thought.


Fiona said...

I know my how's....I'm still working on my why's.

I remember my biology teacher telling me so many years ago: Fiona, you will find no answers to 'why' in this class, only 'how'.

Sunny Delight said...

Me too...and it's funny everytime I ask myself why....I suddenly find something much more important to do...maybe I'm not quite ready to face all of my whys.