Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shopping and Fun in the same sentence?

I am not a woman that loves to shop, I would even use the word hate when it comes to shopping, I can't even spend time online bores me.

When I shop I know what I am looking for, try to find it as quickly as possible, and then get myself out of there as quickly as possible. Well..... I do have to qualify that statement just a bit, if it is a junk shop, or an antique shop, or a toy department (online specialty toys too) I will explore to my hearts content....maybe it is just the chore of grocery shopping and clothing shopping, and must have now! gift shopping that I hate.

But even the Ihatetobein clothing shops give me some enjoyment when I am with my daughter....we have fun, just plain fun....granted we can be a bit playfully cruel, and I would feel badly if the buyer for the women's clothing line were within ear shot, or a designer....because we have a tendency to trash all that is ugly...which believe me there are a ton of ugly things on the racks these days. We slash and shred with our words as we move rapidly through a department....with an occasional......"ooohh this is nice".....but mostly we are rapidly redesigning as we move along the the a sense I suppose that is good, we know what we like, and what we don't....our tastes are not that similar...I go for the classic look on most occasions....even today on a casual Friday work day, I wore jeans, a plain white shirt, and wool blazer...looks good, and is comfy too. Miss Daughter is more trendy.....she has a style of her own...and is not afraid to express it....but if I have to say so myself....we know quality of make and design...and are definitely not afraid to let our opinions be we giggle a lot as we move through a shop perhaps flicking a finger in disgust at one item...saying "that should be in the shredder" as we spy another.....or say "that is soooo you" at the ugliest thing in sight at the moment...thus I forget that my feet hurt, that I am tired from my workday, that I am hungry....(one of these days I am going to learn to take regular lunch breaks, I skip them more often than take them)....anyway.....we have fun together....and even though we may trash the clothing, and even a few of our fellow shoppers....we feel comfortable doing so with each other, funny thing neither of us does it with anyone else....we even dress those we know in our minds as we move along.
Knowing that many of the items of gold, red or yellow, but still classic are what my mom would purchase.....if it glitters, is furry, and an animal print...then her other grandmother would grab it up in a flash...somehow those things look good on that woman...whereas unless you are a fashion maven..they often just look I just have this and white leopard print? red and black zebra stripes? or the tacky fake furs that don't even feel soft under your fingertips? I wonder about the people that buy those they feel good in them? do they feel like they are 'all that'? Jeans that look like they are made from gold lame'?

Untill recent years, I never would have thought I would have fun shopping. But when we are together we make things fun....we laugh, we joke, we do silly things, plus we have our guy radar on and in that area we do seem to have the same taste....even though I do like my men a bit on the more older than she does ~grin~


Fiona said...

OMG you and your daughter sound like my best friend and I when we shop...our comments such as OMG WHO would wear turn around to see a woman in saying oh this is so YOU...about something that is absolutely NOT *L* of our most often used expressions is "some people really should invest in a mirror"!!!

I think my fav experience was trolling through Marks & Spencers a couple of winters ago and she tugs on the sleeve of a sweater printed with big know the type...and says...god these are really for old women aren't they turn around and say 'oh shit' as she took in what I was wearing that day...a pale blue front button cardigan with dark blue roses!!!!!

Hey if it fits I buy 3 and if it's black all the better, but sometimes I just have to take what is available in my size!!!

I want to go shopping with you two!!

DG said...

I love shopping for little girls. That's my weakness. and of course dad never has good taste.

Sunny Delight said...

Fi--lol had to laugh at the sweater comment...I did that to my mom once...she was not amused! Funny yesterday my niece called me after she and her mother had a of the things she mentioned in our conversation was our ability to make shopping so much fun...
And I think You and I would have a blast!

DG-If "dad doesn't have good taste" then I have a feeling she is not a "little girl" anymore.

Hmmmm care to go shopping for a big girl? *wink*

Fiona said...

Hahahahahahaha Sunny I bet he takes you different stores ;)

Fiona said...

gggrrrrr takes you TO different stores *L*

Sunny Delight said...

hmmm wondering what those stores would be....yummy thoughts there! *smile*