Friday, October 13, 2006

We did it!

I wrote several days ago of a project I and others were involved in. I had hoped to show you some photos of our own participation but blogger is being difficult tonight ~sigh~

This past weekend we finished the final stage. It went wonderfully, in many ways I knew it would, everything building up to it had been so difficult, one fiasco after another, aside from several wanting to stop the entire thing from happening, the next thing that happened was that when I followed the organizations instructions to charge all the purchases we needed to make, the store made a mistake and charged it all to the wrong organization. On the morning of Oct. 2, I received a very angry email accusing me of stealing.....sheesh....I was in shock....after I finally calmed down it took a 5 minute phone call to get it all straightened out, but in the mean time I was just a teeny bit upset (major understatement).

Anyway, aside from some major stuff happening in my personal life we continued on with everything that needed to be done....and it was fantastic! The weather was amazingly beautiful....the festival had all time record crowds on the first day....we sold out of product by the last half hour we were literally selling crumbs topped with powdered sugar at half price, and sold out of those too. The second day the crowds were not as huge, but we did well, sold out again.

We had less help than in times past, due to ....get this....two members of our crew requiring emergency surgeries earlier in the I was a little concerned about taking the booth down on Sunday afternoon, but an old friend whom I only see at festival time showed up to save us some time, he has been involved with the festival for years and knew some deconstruction shortcuts....and even though we were a group of women and girls...he was quite impressed with our abilities....girls do rock! The only important thing I had forgotten to load up for that final take down was a knife to cut all the rope used to hold the booth together, but a neighboring vendor loaned me his, so even with me climbing a 6 foot ladder in my costume's ankle length skirt it all went smoothly, although I did have to be careful since my skirt kept falling over the top of he ladder and each time I descended I had to lift my skirt.....but somehow I don't think the old friend who was holding my legs on the ladder minded that too much ~grin~.

We added funds to our account, the girls and adults had a wonderful time....and decided that no matter who tries to stand in our way they still want to return next year. Some of them even purchased additonal pieces to add to their costumes for next year......the only down side is next year they want to camp in the primitive I am hoping the weather is as warm next year, since I do not own a tent like those used in the 18th century, we will have to build a lean-to to sleep in.

We were all exhausted by Sunday evening, but it was a great feeling to have so many of the participants and attendees tell us how glad they were that we were there, and they looked forward to our one way or another....even though the other organization has changed the rules on us....we will do it all again next year....

I have not had the opportunity to face the woman who caused me the most trouble, but I hope to soon, with a huge shit-eating-grin on my face! Oh Yeah!


plano said...

Success is the best revenge. Way to go!

Polyman3 said...

So this is what you've been involved in. You dressed up in 18th century garb? Wow- sounds great. Did you wear a bustier? petticoat? I want to know more- very interesting.

Sunny Delight said...

plano--thank you and yes it is!

poly--costume pieces vary..the festival spans almost 80 year timeperiod and is based on canadian voyageurs traveling by water to do some trading....there are people in powdered white wigs and dressed as if they were attending french court...then there are the early midwestern settlers, native americans, fife and drum corps...the whole works... my costume consists of the basic woman's chemise that was a garment used for a multitude of purposes, and layer of skirts on occasion (petticoats), and a bodice (vest type garment with stays) and a shawl or long as the elbows and ankles are covered our modesty is intact. No bustier for me though, we are basically shopkeepers so our costumes fit the role...and for the early mornings I had modern day long underwear on too,it was a tad chilly.

Polyman3 said...

any pics of yourself?