Sunday, November 12, 2006

She is Amazing

I have an amazing daughter...duh...I think I have written that before.
She constantly amazes me, could be coming from the perspective a woman who has spent her life battling shyness, but she did something tonight that has me awestruck still.

She went stag to a dance, and had a blast. And I mean stag, not group of friends to give her courage just her alone.

I could never have done that when I was 17, not sure I could do it now...well maybe now if I really wanted to go. I am not as shy as I used to be.

She dressed to kill, looked absolutely stunning, although showed a little too much cleavage for a mother's comfort.....but most importantly danced the night away and had a very good time.

I am so very pleased to see her to do many times I hear all the angst of how fat she feels, of how she should look differently...but this type of behavior also shows me that she has the confidence to do what she wants, and feels comfortable doing all the angst is just that...they usual teenage angst that she will soon pass by with flying colors. Once again, I can know that she is going to be one terrific woman! But most importantly one that will not let fear of being different stand in her way.


Fiona said...

Honey with a mum like you, there was never any doubt as to how wonderful your daughter would turn out.

She does sound awesome!!

BBGR hugs

Sunny Delight said...

Fi, darling woman you always give me a smile when I need one...thank you!

And she is *VBS*