Monday, November 13, 2006

Brain Weary

OMG! Today was an eyeopener.....been so long since I started something that felt so alien to me....and there were even familiar faces there.

Information overload was the game of the day... my head was spinning until lunchtime with all the fact sheets thrown at me....and the names and I am going to remember it all...doh!

Then when I said something about new boss said....well you know most of it anyway....WHAT!?! Where oh where did she get that idea? I know

After lunch though....I was sitting there at this humongous desk...I mean the desk in my new office was made for King Kong....I can't even reach all the way across it.....and a scene from Seinfeld popped into my head.....George is wanting to nap at he creates this space under his desk....and I thought would they know if I disapeared? I had been sitting there for about an hour...reading, and reading, and reading, and reading....and I just couldn't take it anymore....I really did want to crawl under the desk and hide.

And the weirdest things kept going through my head....I kept worrying about my old fact at 7:30 this morning I put in a call to my old admin asst to call a few clients for me, in case I had forgotten to remind them of schedule about not being able to let go......then this afternoon, I still wanted to call, I wanted to make sure everything had gotten done that was supposed to be done there....I hope that goes away once they get my replacement hired....I kept having this nightmarish vision of going in on Wednesday night and all the schedules are totally messed up...and I will only have 2 hours to fix them.....

I know why...even though I was trying to absorb information....I am so used to my mind buzzing a million miles an hour to solve problems....and it wasn't happening today...I am an adrenalin junky...and I missed my fix today.....

Tomorrow is another day.....more information...I am more nervous about tomorrow than I was today...Ggggrrrrrr!


Fiona said...

Oh my....that look....I see it every time I take someone on an orientation....the 'OMG I'll never remember all these people' look *L*

Relax'll be fine...they'll remember YOU *VBS* ...and help you out remembering them

I know what you mean about getting stuck's been a while but I hated that first week at a new job when you were just supposed to read up about stuff *L* and all you want to do is get cracking

Didn't George also have a set of half ping pong balls with eyeballs drawn on them? *L*

you'll be fine...better than fine...and you will absolutely shine in the shortes time, I'm so sure of it.

My desk is so deep I actually have a spare chair under it in the corner *L*....when we did our office renovation and image enhancement, we had to standardise all chairs....I had been a swopper girl until then and had a bright blue stool on a big spring ( but now I'm in a bog-standard grey/black corporate doo-lally *L*

Something is on the way to you for your desk!!!

LePhare said...

The worst day is over. 'Things can only get better' as our Mr Blair would say.....but perhaps that doesn't make you feel any better. We, Fi and I, have every faith in you.

Sunny Delight said...

Fi-- yes I think it is officially called the "deer in the headlights look" ~big grin~

You are the bestest friends a BBGR! could have......thank you for your vote of if only i can find mine again....still thinking "what the hell have I done?!?!

Sunny Delight said...

Ian, I keep telling myself that very same can only get better....but then...I lose that thought somewhere along the way....grrr! I will be fantastic, I WILL, I WILL, I WILL!!!!!

And thank you thank you thank you *very big hug*

Fiona said...



Ian - I'm glad you clarified you weren't using the royal 'we' ;)

Sunny Delight said...


LePhare said...

None of my we's are ever royal ;-)