Thursday, November 16, 2006

*Very Big Smile*

Thank You My Friend
Yesterday I received a phone call from the receptionist of the agency that a package had arrived for me. A huge grin filled my face, as I hurried up there, a very good friend had said she was sending me something for my new desk.

The receptionist insisted that I open it there in front of her, she said with a smile, "You cannot carry that away without me getting to see what is inside."

She knew what was inside, the package was labeled with its contents, this I did not notice. She gave me a letter opener to cut through the tape, as I opened the box, a fresh delicate scent filled the area.

A beautiful orchid was safely nestled inside the box.

Thank you Fiona, you made a very stressful week wonderful.

The few months we have been exchanging emails and blog comments have been so amazing, I am so lucky to have such a beautiful warmhearted friend as you.


Fiona said...

You have been a wonderful friend over the past few months Sunny. You have supported me and encouraged me to seek goodness in my life, not pain. You have never judged me, nor rolled your eyes at my ranting and raving (or maybe you have *L*).

I admire your courage, your forthrightness, your warmth and your beauty.

Now when you look at that plant, you will remember someone so far away who is on your side every minute of the day.

P.S. hahahahahahahaha word verification is 'vbust'!!!!!!

Sunny Delight said...

Never rolled my eyes...laughed with you, ranted, raved, and growled with you, cried with you, and always very thankful that I have you to share those very same things with....and it does make me think of you and I smile.

Everything you said to me...I say to you...tenfold...and add to that your amazing wit and brilliance, you are bodaciously wonderful darling woman...and a Busty Girl who most definitely RULES!!!! *lol*

Fiona said...

oooooooooh 'bodacious' of my favourite words of all time!!!

Thank you and blush blush blush.

*huge smile*

LePhare said...

A Miltonia (Miltoniopsis) likes a fine spray every few days to stop the new leaves concertinaing. Some have a faint perfume but I don't think that one will.

Orchids are great gifts. Like friendships, they can last for years.

Sunny Delight said...

Ian, oh tell me more I want to take very good care of this very special to the fragrance, it seeps out into the hall, I had several people stopping by to see what the wonderful smell was....and it wasn't my perfume, it was the orchid...

I will have to get a small mister for my maybe I want a big Mister ~grin~....or you could just fly over and care for it for me.

LePhare said...

Pansy Orchids don't like the tempreture to be too warm. They love light but not direct sunlight. They are better standing in a saucer on pebbles that are kept damp so they can create humidity around the plant. Use a low dose fertilizer about once a month. They mostly flower late summer/early autumn.

But don't ask me. I grow orchids but have never had much luck with Pansy Orchids. They don't like me!

Sunny Delight said...

Thank you Ian, I will get a plate with some rocks and give that a try, I am sure the dry heat of the office these winter months will not be good for biggest fear is lack of natural light though, I have no window..only flourescents....they are on about 9 hours a day....hoping that is enough.

LePhare said...

Could always take it home when not in flower and the return it when the first buds start to open. I move ours around the room but always wait until they are nearly in full flower otherwise the flowers don't seem to develop properly. Good luck.