Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Goose Got No Play

Huge sigh.............

I had an all day conference I had to attend in the city an hours drive from here on Saturday, so even though it was interesting as learning experiences go, it was not my idea of fun. I stopped by Cracker Barrel Restaurant to use their rest room...known for theirs being clean....and found a wonderful flying pig to add to one of my flower beds this summer. If I don't end up taking it to work and putting it on display in my office first. I really like it, it is shaded like age patinaed (sp?) copper, about 16 inches in length, and just struck my whimsical side, and a little whimsy is a good thing ~smile~.

Today was supposed to be another short hours drive back to the city to visit the museum of art, and possibly one of the more unique malls. First my wonderful daughter decided she just had to add some more red highlights to her hair, which made it a much later start than planned........and then, just as I thought we were finally about ready to leave my son called. He had left for work only minutes before it seemed. He had wrecked his car, totalled it completely in fact.

We live near a river, and with all the rain we have been having lately there are several roads that flood. He had been driving too fast, looked down to change CD's and when he looked up the High Water/Road Closed sign was looming in his windshield. An overcorrection, spinning tires, spinning car, and a bounce off a tree later, the car was totalled. Luckily he was not harmed. The passenger side of the car is the side that was smashed up against the tree. His car will be extremely wet on the inside since the passenger side window no longer exists. He says he remembers everything in the car exploding outward as he bounced off the tree, then he thinks he blacked our for a moment.

I was sure it would take hours for the police to get there, fill out the accident report, and then have it towed, luckily it only took about 2 hours. But just enough time had passed that there was no time to make the museum before it closed.

So, off to our own local city to pick up some gyros plates....mmm love those so much, with greek side salads, and the trip home, listening to my 20 yr. old bemoan the fact that he is now without wheels. Hopefully it will all get sorted out soon, since his job as a pizza delivery person requires a car. I told him he would not be using my Jeep! And the mini-van is not among his favorites to drive, as well as being a major gasoline guzzler.

Thus I spent my weekend, accomplishing little, doing none of the few things I had planned. But I am glad we were home to help him out, everything happens in the way it should I suppose. I am especially happy that he was not hurt. After looking at his car, if the driver's side had hit the tree, I would now be sitting in hospital now instead of blogging.


Fiona said...

gooooooooooooooooooooooood grief!!!!! thank goodness he's alright!!!!

Cracker Barrel - isn't that a cheese?

well rats, no excursion for you Sunny - but at least the family is safe, you'd have felt awful if you'd already left and this happened and you weren't there

I'm glad he's ok, kinda sad you missed your day for you...and overjoyed that we get your blog *VBS*

Sunny Delight said...

Fi---lol Cracker Barrel is a brand of cheeses, but there is also a chain of Restaurants/Gift Shops scattered across the Continental USA, not quite in every state but the midwest seems to be full of them. They are always right off an interstate system with easy accessibility.

But I am very glad that I was available for my son, although I know he would have handle it all quite well on his own. A main part of his personality is his air of calm, cool collectedness, rarely does one know how agitated or full of unease he is on the inside......a trait he most certainly did not inherit from me.

And thanks, have missed you too *VBS*