Friday, January 12, 2007

Gander Away

The gander is away and the goose wants to play, but I can't think of anything I want to do that doesn't require overnight travel....sigh....

Hubby is away for the weekend, and what am I doing? Cleaning up my email accounts, I have finally come to the conclusion that I am a secret hoarder. I have emails going back to December of 2005, now that is bad! Some of them I opened before deleting them to see why in the world I would have saved them. And there doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason. A few have something special attached to them, but others I think I was just too lazy to delete at the time. Ah well time now, and I have.

I am going to do something fun with my weekend, not sure what yet, a few art museums are on the agenda, and a bit of work, and if I am feeling particularly naughty....a little shopping too.

I like this little bit of freedom I feel, there is less tension in the house, probably just me, but it feels so. Still some there between Ms. Daughter and I, but it is getting better day by day, and our museum trip will help that.

I heard a song today by Jill Scott, I am sure I have heard it before but today was one of those days that it just struck me, I really listened to the lyrics...


I'm taking my freedom,
Pulling it off the shelf,
Putting it on my chain,
Wear it around my neck,
I'm taking my freedom,
Putting it in my car,
Wherever I choose to go,
It will take me far,

I'm livin' my life like it's golden


Fiona said...

woo hoo Sunny - you wear that freedom bling woman!!!!!

sooooooooo tell us what you did :)


LePhare said...

Can't help wondering Sunny. Do tell.

plan0 said...

Oh what did you do with a Freaky Friday?

Why delete e-mail? Spam yes, e-mail is for filing, archiving, but I rarely delete. I have mail going back to at least 1997. Damn, I guess that's 10 years worth.