Monday, January 29, 2007


a container, device, that receives or holds something.
*bowl, box, holder, hopper, repository, vessel, wastebasket*

This word, receptacle, has been reverberating around in my head off and on for months now. It would fade away for a bit, but eventually it returned, one day quite piercingly. The thought in my head "You are just a receptacle..."

There have been many times throughout my adult life when I thought of myself as a receptacle. A vessel to hold others wanted and unwanted items.

When a small child has intrusted me to hold some small item they treasure, I feel honored in their trust.

When someone has a today-was-a-bad-day epic to tell me, or a sad woeful story to tell, or tears to spill and I become that needed receptacle for their anquish and pain, I again feel honored in their trust.

When someone has had an I-have-been-pondering-this story, or an epiphany, a stroke of utter brilliance, an I-had-the-most-amazing-thing-happened-to-me tale to tell, I am honored, pleased, joyful to be the needed receptacle.

But I have also had times when I felt as if I was a repository for someone's debris, a container for their residuum, or worse yet, deemed worthy for nothing but the very minor leavings of their life. ( I really hate that feeling)

I have this image of the receptacle I would like to be, actually images, I think I would be a large well-rounded wooden bowl with a slightly inward curving lip, aged golden oak in color, my edges smoothed from the oils of fingers and wrists that have slid over me to recapture some item that I have been holding in trust. Perhaps a few cracks or fissures appear on my surface, from age and use. But none are deep or detrimental to my usefulness. A receptacle that bore the items entrusted to me for safekeeping with love, honor, and protection until they could be retrieved.


Fiona said...


You are a truly cherished 'bowl'.

You are a truly wonderful friend.

You are a truly beautiful woman.

You are a truly trustworthy individual.

You are.

Jonas said...

What Fiona said.

Sunny Delight said...

You two! I am blushing, I am beaming, I am so very lucky to have found such wonderful people in the slendiferous glorious world of ours.

What you wrote Fiona can be applied to the both of you. Okay won't apply the "woman" to Jonas ~smile~