Thursday, February 01, 2007


"Everything got us to 'here' and only 'here' matters really.....because 'here' is the starting point every day." ~Fiona~

The past does affect us, all of those happenings that make up who we are. Some have a very hard time letting the past go. Some seem unable or not want to. But whatever brought us to today's starting point, did bring us here, now.

It is what we do with our now that is important, what we plan for our tomorrow that is important.

We must learn from the past, not dwell there.

So much learning in recent months, weeks.

As I have watched my children grow from infants to young adults, one of my observations has been, that they would go through phases or blocks of time when learning something completely new was a difficult struggle, and then one day, it happened, it all came together, and the learning was just there! Another struggle will occurr, but no matter, success was achieved once, it will be again.

I feel as if I have finally come to that point, it has taken so many years, stutters and starts, faltering steps to get to my here. But I am here, now.

I have a new faith in my here, in my tomorrow, a new faith in the decisions I must make. A faith in myself. For the past several years I have had an ache, a yearning, a knowing that I needed to be more. Finally, even though I know I have a very long way to go, the ache is lessened, I have an inkling of peace within. A feeling, a feeling that I will do what is right.

My past had no faith in me, my here does, and that is what matters really.


Fiona said...

Oh my gosh...I'm quotable!!!!

Absolutely, our history has made us who we are. Our future will turn us into who we can be.

I'm thankful for my past, even the hard, ugly, agonising parts. Because they have all made me, well, 'me'.

But I'm even more appreciative of my now and my tomorrows. Because they are filled with potential, with promise. And I will not disappoint myself!

Neither will you Sunny, I feel that in my bones.

Big bustygurlzrule hugs!!!

Sunny Delight said...

fiona--you my friend are infinitely quotable *VBS*

But as you know this one fit so very well.

BigBustyGurlzRule!!! Hugs most bodacious one!!!!

LePhare said...

So true. I can do nothing about yesterday, only today. You can spend too long on thinking what could have been or might have been, and miss the chances of the day.

I hope I've learnt from the past, otherwise what a wasted journey it would have been.

Another thought provoking post Sunny.

Sunny Delight said... true, I don't want to waste the journey that got me here, now. I want to experience the chances, not miss them any longer.