Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Well, I did a really thoughtless thing, I posted a copyrighted story without asking permission.
I really did not realize it, the fable is one told in so many variations all over the world, and written in so many variations, I didn't think of it as copyrighted material, but it is/was.

So I removed it, my re-reading it, and typing it out, accomplished what I personally needed to accomplish anyway.

It encouraged me to find my soulskin, find my spirit, get the two of them back together, to keep delving deep, to stay on my healing path.


Fiona said...

I saw that hon...damn shame I say that they got you to remove it...silly too, because so long as you attribute it to the author, it can actually drive business their way through sales...very shortsighted

I'm glad you got what you needed from it, and I too enjoyed it very very much so...thank you!!

Jonas said...

I have a great deal of copyrighted material on my blog...photos and poetry, mostly. I'm conflicted about that, but...I hope that everyone understands that I LOVE the material I post.

This modern world of ours is SO VERY complicated!

Sunny Delight said...

I am wondering if it is because it wasn't published somewhere online. We all have quotes, images, poetry that we have posted to blogs, but for some reason, this one drew someone's attention. They did not ask me to remove it, I received a comment that I had printed without permission. If I receive that permission, I will repost it. It was truly a fable that resonates within me, and her words retold it perfectly.

Fiona said...

I understand that Jonas :)

I believe that sharing like we do isn't financially benefitting to us in any way and in fact this sharing can even lead people to purchase the original, thereby leading to a win-win situation.

Like with the Brian Andreas books, because of Sunny's post, I went to their website and bought three books, which I wouldn't have without her post :)

Sunny Delight said...

Oh,yeah Fi, now get me in trouble with Brian Andreas too!!!! *VBS*

You are so protective, I love you!

Fiona said...

hahahahahahaha I'll cancel my order if they do....nah I reckon they're happy for the exposure and the new customer...I thought about going to amazon for it but decided to go to the source instead!!

I love you and I've got your back ;)

Fiona said...

oh and ummmm as always, you gave credit to the author, not like you were trying to plagiarise it!!! ;)