Saturday, March 31, 2007

Why the Fuss?

I really do want to know, how and why this insults so many sensibilities?

It seems very beautifully done to me.

The sculptor, Cosimo Cavallarao, a man prone to using food as his medium choice, seems quite sincere in his desire to portray Christ in this work of his, a previous work of Cavallaro featured mozzarella cheese. His choice of milk chocolate considering this season of chocolate eggs seems quite appropriate. A cheesy Jesus? Now that would seem inappropriate to me.

Chicago Station NBC5 has a survey going, it seems as of the time of this posting, 3,590 folks say "My Sweet Lord" is offensive to them, while, 2,366 of us say no.

"This is one of the worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever," Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, said Thursday. "It's not just the ugliness of the portrayal, but the timing - to choose Holy Week is astounding."

Oh really? I was raised in a Christian household, my sensibilities are not insulted. In fact no one I have spoken with seems the least bit insulted.

So why the fuss?

My questions are aimed at the artist himself, I have worked with chocolate in many candy recipes, my questions concern how he did it, the care of the sculpture.

Is the sculpture hollow?

Did he use a mold?

Who was the chocolate supplier? (I myself prefer Godiva or Dove, mmmmmm)

What is the best temperature to work with when creating something of this magnitude in milk chocolate?

Does the gallery itself have to remain at a certain temperature to retard melting?

"Sculptor Cosimo Cavallaro calls his Jesus figure "My Sweet Lord," and said viewers will be invited to lick it and eat it before it's taken down on Easter Sunday." (I do like his use of the exclamation many use, as his title.)

If visitors to the gallery were going to be allowed a taste, how were they going to deal with the germ issue?

Now that the showing has been stopped, is it going to be permanently housed somewhere at the proper temperature?

Is it for sale?

Who was the model?

The germ issue seems to be at the top of my mind at the moment.....I do wonder how it tastes.


X. Dell said...

People who say they are offended by such things aren't offended because they feel that you're attacking their religion. They're offended because they feel you're attacking their orthodoxy, their soverign right to control the depiction of Christ and other religious icons in the manner they approve. I'll bet very few can say why they feel offended, or if they say anything at all it's on the order of "Because you just don't do that. It's disrespectful."

"Why do you think it's disrespectful?"

"Because it is. I know."

LePhare said...

I hope it's not under bright lights. T'would be a shame if it ended up as a puddle on the floor. Anyway, chocolate and Easter go together.

Sunny Delight said...

xdell, I do agree with you, with all the outcry from these "religious leaders", I feel as if they are telling people they should be offended, how they should think, that isn't leadership, that is control, it is sad to think so many can be herded in such a way.

Ian, My thoughts exactly, which is why I wondered if it had to be displayed in a temperature controlled environment.

Fiona said...

I saw a smattering of this on tv in the hotel as I consumed my final breakfast on American soil before flying out.

Most people seemed to be objecting to the fact Jesus had a cock. Loincloths were mentioned (made of white chocolate maybe? ;)

Yes, Jesus had a cock. He farted and pooped too.

I think that's a beautiful work of edible art. I'd lick it :)

Sunny Delight said...

Fi, Welcome Back! *VBS*

I dunno, it looks great, and is beautifully done....didn't think of the white chocolate loin cloth to protect the innocence of the incensed!

But, licking it? Still wondering about all those other peoples tongues--and where they may have been before licking the sculpture---there are some people I don't mind sharing with...but hundreds of strangers? about backwash (what you may get drinking after someone).....but as someone pointed out to me....there are all those who kiss the Blarney Stone. *S*

Fiona said...

bet we could find a couple of spots noone else had dared to lick ;)

Hazel said...

Hi, (brought here via a link to your blog from Lephare)....and I thought that it was a bloody April Fool's joke! lol Oh well. I wouldn't say no to a bite of him.

deb said...

Hi, I came from Fiona. I imagine the sculpture offends because it shows Jesus with a penis, and a chocolate penis to boot. Which brings up the whole idea, to me anyway, of Jesus having sex, because a chocolate penis is for licking, right?
I quite liked the sculpture.
It's mixing our modern day celebrations of Easter, chocolate, with the Christian celebration of Christ's crucifixtion. It's kinda cool. Originally spring was all about fertility so the whole chocolate penis=sex thing works.

Sunny Delight said...

hazel, Welcome! It would have made a great mind has been so dulled lately, I didn't even think of that! I would like to know the chocolate might be quite tasty. ~grin~

deb, ~smiling~ I like the way your mind works!