Sunday, May 06, 2007


I am going to have very limited internet access for the next few weeks.
Change is in my life.

As I make these changes, along with a multitude of other things, the following questions will also, be uppermost in my mind.

If you had no financial worries:
  • Where would you live?
  • How would you be spending your time?
  • Whom would you be spending your time with?

In regard to personal happiness, and serenity:
  • When have you been truly happy and why?
  • What were you doing?
  • What feelings did it engender?

And one more series of thoughts on friendship, taken from my daily OM.

Friends are the family we've chosen for ourselves, we can't help but feel a sense of kinship with these people who so enrich our lives. We may be drawn to each other by our similarities, but we help each other learn and grow through our differences. Think of what you appreciate about your friends and write these descriptions down on a piece of paper. Then reread the list and apply it to yourself. Sometimes it is much easier to appreciate the beauty in others than it is to see it in ourselves. And since like attracts like, by showing your love and affection for the friends that support you and share life's experiences with you, you acknowledge the beauty of your own reflection.

Some friends may be in our lives for only a short time before our paths take different directions. We may cross paths again, or perhaps we served our highest purpose in each others' lives. Others may be by our side over several years or decades. They may be closer to us in some ways than our blood relations or our spouses. We can express our love for them by a note, a look, a word of thanks whispered to the breeze—even a loving thought will be felt at some level. By acknowledging those who have walked beside you through life today, you show your gratitude to them and to the universe for providing you with such loving support.


Fiona said...

Well with the limited access, some of us will have to change how we keep in touch with you ;)

They are great questions and as our lives change, the questions and the answers change too.

My answers would be: Part 1 - With the man I'm in love with; Contributing to society in a way better than I have up until now; With him. Part 2 - My true happiness will come when I'm where I want to be, because I'll be loved; I'll be living a simple life but a life full of love; I believe I will feel fulfilled, finally. Mushy I know but I can't even bear to think of life without him :)

You are a wonderful friend Sunny and you care so deeply for those around you. I am honoured to know you and call you 'friend'.

You're going to blossom with your freedom, I feel it. I want it for you hon.

deb said...

I would live in Victoria, BC. I would write, volunteer, walk my dogs, visit my friends, read, exercise, work a little, garden, learn to draw and paint, take pictures, cook, travel. I would spend time with my friends and myself.

When have I been truly happy? Only for moments at a time, a sunny day, blue sky, feeling the wind on my face, sitting by the ocean, listening to the waves break on the rocks, working in my garden, reading a good book, talking with friends, caring for my patients, laughing with my children or my mother. They're all only moments and pass quickly but they add up over a lifetime.

I'm learning to give myself happiness. Happiness is something that you give yourself. All feelings come from within, it's a matterr of believing this and believing that I'm worthy of feeling happy.

Change is a good thing, a scary thing, but a good thing. Take care of yourself. I'll be thinking of you, wishing you well.

deb said...

You're making me think today. While I was hanging up the wash, I was think about the questions you had asked, about happiness. I realized that the happiest moments in my life are those moments that I am fully present, engrossed in what is happening. Whether it be a walk, drinking wine with a friend, taking care of a patient, having lunch with my mum, it's the moments when I am paying attention to what's going on, not thinking about everything else, not wishing I was someplace else, those are my happiest moments.

And thank you for making me think about it.

Sunny Delight said...


I may not have quite reached the blossoming stage, but I do feel a bud sprouting......

I have no answers yet......but I am heading the proper direction, that I know. ((((((Fiona))))) big hug my friend.


Thank you for your well wishes, and, what you said, it is so true, we have to love ourselves, feel ourselves to be worthy, be happy with ourselves, and then, I truly believe, overall happiness just comes with that.
And being present in the moment..........

Last night, I sat outside on my deck.....gazing at the stars, feeling just that moment of being there, in my new home......and I was happy,at peace....with that moment.

Jac said...

The coolest thing about a new home is that you can choose EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in it. No yellow plastic from 20 years ago, if you don't want it. Choose wisely and well and it will be a beautiful home with only that and whom you love in it! What fun!

X. Dell said...

Friends are important to everyone, especially since family sometimes has to function, well, like family.

I share your feeling that friends are the family that we choose. I wonder what those choices say about us.

Fiona said...

Mine say that I'm extremely selective and have high standards ;)