Monday, May 14, 2007

I Know Who I Want to Be

A link, that was sent to me many months ago. I revisit it from time to time, to remind me.

Many of you may have read it before. But, perhaps not.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer published a book in 1999. I have not read the book, perhaps someday I will, but as I said, I do read this segment published on her website, I read it, and reread it.

The Invitation


deb said...

Very nice.

Fiona said...

It is so very beautiful, Sunny. The first time I saw my love, he gave me a copy of the original printing of the book. I treasure it.

X. Dell said...

Perhaps you can give us a review when you have finished this book.

plan0 said...

I truly like the company I keep in the empty moments.

I see why you like this, it's both self evaluating and self validating at the same time.

I'd never seen this site before, so thank you for the link, it's made my week.