Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just for Fun

I am weary of whining, worrying, and wailing...I have grown tired of grumping, griping, and how about a little brain play?

A Brain Teaser: (I'll post the answer tomorrow)

Frankie got a lot of visitors to his house yesterday.

* Frankie's girlfriend arrived before Cheryl and Gloria.
* Cheryl arrived after Frankie's mother, who was the second to arrive.
* Frankie's fraternity brother arrived before Len.
* Rich arrived after Gloria and Frankie's girlfriend.
* Annie arrived before Frankie's sister and Frankie's fraternity brother.
* Frankie's uncle arrived after Rich and before Cheryl.

Put the visitors in order of arrival from first to last, and include each visitor's name and relation to Frankie. Hint: Len and Rich are the only male visitors.


1st = Annie (Frankie's girlfriend)
2nd = Gloria (Frankie's mother)

3rd = Rich (Frankie's fraternity brother)

4th = Len (Frankie's uncle)

5th = Cheryl (Frankie's sister)

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunny Words
(a reprise of the word association game that I used to post on the blog)

I write and you think....

  • Reverse:
  • Calm:
  • Visual:
  • Tonic:
  • Gasp:
  • Renown:
  • Lead:
  • Time:
  • Global:
  • Audience:


George said...

Reverse: backwards
Calm: serene
Visual: art
Tonic: gin
Gasp: surprise
Renown: famous
Lead: instruct
Time: watch
Global: warming
Audience: applaud

Anonymous said...

Reverse: Osmosis
Calm: Serene
Visual: Yes, very!
Tonic: Gin
Gasp: Awe
Renown: Was
Lead: Or get out of the way
Time: Fast
Global: Everywhere
Audience: Watching

Still around dear. XO
SoCal Sal

Fiona said...

Reverse: backtrack
Calm: grace
Visual: men
Tonic: quinine
Gasp: delight
Renown: celebrity
Lead: weight
Time: passing
Global: village
Audience: entertainment

D said...

Reverse: retreat
Calm : peaceful
Visual: delight
Tonic: pick me up
Gasp: sharp intake of breathe
Renown: celebrity
Lead: walkies
Time: Last orders at the bar please
Global: all encompassing
Audience: viewers

LePhare said...

Reverse: Turn
Calm: gentle
Visual: Impact
Tonic: Schweppes
Gasp: intake
Renown: Battleship
Lead: Walkies!
Time: gentlemen please!
Global: time zone
Audience: appreciation