Thursday, November 08, 2007

Curious Rhythms

A few days ago a soon-to-be 65 years gentleman stopped by the office, with several questions regarding his future choices in the area of health benefits once he does reach age 65. As we were discussing the options available to him he mentioned a few things that piqued my curiosity.

During our conversation, we discussed his future dreams, which included traveling and working abroad. He also spoke of how he spends some of his leisure time since retirement. One such leisure time pursuit is his attendance of dances held specifically for the Senior Set...he attends them seeking female companionship. During our conversation, he mentioned, even if he meets a table full of women, he can only date one of them, because it is a "known fact that once you date one of a group of women, the rest are off limits." I found that interesting in it true? He seems to think so.

Also, he uses a somewhat unique technique for choosing which woman he will spend time with. He tests them for compatibility by calculating their biorhythms. He compares them to his own, and then chooses accordingly.

As our conversation continued to unfold, I told him of my own wish to travel in the future. He then told me that by calculating my biorhythms he could tell me the best time for me to travel, the best time to make changes, the best time to keep my life steady as she goes. I smiled in disbelief. But, when he requested my birth date and time of birth...I was intrigued enough to tell him. He wrote them down, and will call me later with his calculations.

In an attempt at some mindless distraction and curiosity tonight, I decided to google Biorhythms...finding the linked website...I then visited several other calculators as a comparison...oddly enough they were all pretty much the same...emotionally, intellectually and physically the graphs were eerily close.

I will have to do a lot more research before I allow myself to reach any conclusions, but gotta say...I am now even more and more curious to hear what Mr. Danceman has to say.

I you think he will tell me I need to go dancing?


Jonas said...

EVERYONE needs to go dancing, Sweetness!

S'mee said...

Slow, slow, quick quick, slow..... it's the only way to go.

X. Dell said...

If you date one woman, the others are off limits? Curious. This man's youth was during the 1960s. That I wouldn't expect from him.

But the biorhythms, they were from that period (or shortly afterward). They were all the rage, once and awhile.

And happy birthday to your daughter. Funny. She's now an adult. But you have your whole life ahead of you.

Phil said...

Maybe Mr. Danceman is checking your biorhythms for compatability! As far as dating only one woman from a group, I never say never, but it's extremely difficult to go for two even if the first relationship ended. Women talk and often the first woman's impression of you becomes the impression of the group. Also, women are far more ethical than men and are less likely to date a friends ex than men are.

SoCal Sal said...

I’m up for some salsa!