Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dreams Meme

I was tagged by Deb, I haven't followed up on many tags of late, but for someone as special as her I will give it a shot.

Write five things you want to be when you grow up. Big dreams that seem like folly, but in your heart of hearts are very real and dear to you. Things that maybe you have forgotten about in the ebb and flow and toil of the everyday, but that never really leave your soul. What you would do if anything was possible?'

1. Sex Therapist, (~grin~ I thought that would get your attention!) Really, I have spent years dreaming of finally getting my MSW and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a PHD used to be in my dreams, and still is in many ways, but I also know the hours and hours and hours of time involved, and I really just want the comprehensive training to be able to get out in the field and work. At one time the dream involved my working with young women who have lost their way in world, who are mired in the life they lead now, and have no idea how to pursue their own dreams. Young women, who suffered abuse and just need that added boost, support and love, from someone who has been there and mostly recovered. Today, there are so many areas that incite my interest, it would take the actual course work I think to aid me in determining a specialty.

2. Owning a cafe/book store/local artist gallery, the book store would really be more of a lending library, based on a premise much like Book Crossing, where the books one has read are shared, and passed on. The dream involves a peaceful, creative coexistence across generations, ethnicities, and cultures, (hey, it says if anything were possible!), I would hope to create an ambiance of warm, accepting comfort, a place to enjoy good conversation regarding books read, and opinions formed regardless of age or lifestyle. This is one I have thought about off and on for years, even to the point of attempting to include an area for the homeless to have a meal, a shower, be given some clean clothing, and have a place they too could spend some quiet peaceful moments. (I think I would have to be independently wealthy for this one though, because the profit margin would be nil, but thats OK)

3. Join Vista, or The Peace Corp, (a dream I have had since age 17), a dream that incorporates other dreams also, by helping other's achieve their own dreams of improving their lives, travel to odd corners of the U.S and the world, and actively experiencing a wide variety of cultures.

4. A two-parter. Seeing my children fulfill their own dreams, and gifting my parents with at least one of their unfulfilled dreams.

5. Smaller dreams...lots and lots of learning to do...the list sometimes seems endless...having the opportunity, (which really translates into courage, time and money), to take each class/workshop/learning trip I read about that intrigues me, whether it be art, cooking, dance, exercise, golf, horticulture, language, music, photoshop, story telling, travel, videography, writing or zoology.

As I sat and thought about all this, I at first had a mental block, I couldn't think of any, because of late, I have desperately tried to live in the here and now, no dreaming allowed. Then, as I just allowed the thoughts to start flowing, more and more started coming to the fore, many more than just five.

I am not going to tag anyone else, I would love to read of other's dreams, but in the few blogs I do read, many of you have at various times listed your dreams already...and wondrous dreams they are.


deb said...

Lovely dreams Sunny.

deb said...

I have another dream I forgot to include. I dream of a women's retreat, a healing place for women to go. A place of love and warmth, an in between place that allows women to regain their balance when their lives have become unbalanced, for whatever reason. I think I need the lottery for this one, but maybe not. My sister in law likes the idea as well.

X. Dell said...

I only share #2 with you. They couldn't pay me enough to be a social worker.

Still, it could be within a very practical grasp, as well as numbers four and five. The Peace Corps is another demanding experience, but from what I hear it is quite rewarding.

SoCal Sal said...

Just one for today.

To one day take you to lunch on the back of my Hog.

Sunny Delight said...

A woman's retreat is a very good dream. I keep telling myself, I am going to get together with women friends, and/or the females in my family for just such a getaway, one day I do hope it happens.,
I can vouch for the fact that the pay of social worker is far from enough, but there are other rewards. They are all doable...I hope...I couldn't seem to bring myself to dream bigger...there must be more of the "practical" in me that I realized.

That might a very interesting lunch, and I have never been on a hog...t'would be fun!