Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gen-Y Rite of Passage

She did it.

Miss Daughter got her first professional tattoo.

She told me last night she finally had saved enough money to do it. I told her I wished she would wait until she is older. My fear being that she won't stop, she didn't with her piercings, (tongue, nose, belly button, uncountable numbers in her ears, and even though she let them grow back, she pierced her lip twice). But I ended up helping her find the perfect Tree of Life image she wanted, it needed a little re-working, but it was the best we could find. What is wrong with me?!?

My day was so busy at work that I completely forgot she was planning it after school today.

At 5:41 my mobile phone rang.

"MOM! I did it! I have my first professional tattoo!"

Groan , " really did it? Where is it?"

"On my back."

"Please, not up high, not on your neck! "

"Nope, almost between my shoulder blades.

"Is it going to show when you wear a cami?"

"Yes, but, Mom, you helped me pick out the design, how can you be unhappy about it."

"I wanted it to be pretty, if you are going to have tattoos then I at least want to like seeing it. When I get home, we'll take a picture. Did it hurt?"

"No, not at all, and it only took half an hour. I can't believe you want a picture. You didn't want me to do it."

"Hey it's still an important moment in your life."

"I want to post it on my Myspace."

I have to admit, even though I truly do not wish Miss Daughter's beautiful skin to be hidden by tattoos, I do like it.

She of course, is taking very good care of it. Wary of infection setting in, that is my girl, she may have those multitudes of piercings, and plans at least 3 more tatts, but she will always take care of herself, making sure all heals well.

Funny thing, her last comment tonight before going to bed was, "I am kinda worried Mr. Brother will like it so much he will get some himself."

I said, "No way, he is way too afraid of needles."

"I don't know Mom, he said he loves tribals, and when he is happy with his body, he would love to have his entire back covered in them."

"I will believe it when I see it. Him? No way!"

Famous last words?


Fiona said...

It's very pretty and unusual! And there's nothing wrong with you. While not a tat fan, I think that you did a wonderful job being there for her, helping her with the design and showing your concern. You supported her decision, you didn't try to override it. That is what counts.

S'mee said...

I'm with Fi, I'm not a fan but that looks good. My daughter has tats and piercing, I'm afraid to ask where. I think I'll keep my body a temple, lol.