Monday, April 21, 2008

Stressed? Me? Never!

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I wrote last week of how much I knew I would miss my son while he is away.

Today, I am hoping I will miss him.

His trip has not had the most auspicious of beginnings.

He boarded his bus on Friday morning...Miss Daughter and I said our goodbyes, and cried as we knew would. But we were also filled with hope for him and faith in him.

He arrived in Gainesville, Georgia Saturday morning around 10:00 AM.

He arrived, his back pack did not.

He has been patiently waiting since.

I have talked to him at least once a day since Saturday. He makes multiple treks daily to the bus terminal, hoping his pack has arrived. This morning they told him they had located in it Nashville, Tennessee and had sent it on another bus to him. As of 8:00 PM this evening it had not yet arrived.

The poor guy....Murphy has most definitely been dogging his tracks.

By Sunday morning he felt stymied and greatly discouraged, as Greyhound has been a little less than helpful. ~insert sarcasm here~

Finally by Sunday afternoon, I decided to let the Mama Bear in me have control, especially since he is several hundred miles away, and couldn't really stop me from butting in. I just couldn't help it, really! I had to do something! I kept imagining myself in a similar situation, and I would hate it! Plus I want him to go for this dream. I have a very difficult time allowing things to stand in my way when I think something is important, and he is important to me. So, on Sunday afternoon, I became a member of an Appalachian Hiking forum, and posted a thread about his predicament. The response has been amazing. One gentleman offered to replace his pack and contents for him if his own doesn't show up. Another young man, who works in Gainesville, Georgia has offered his help as well. Many others have offered up advice, very useful advice.

Tonight, I finally broke down, and called a very dear friend who lives in Atlanta, to ask if he could find the time to stop by the Atlanta bus terminal. He was more than happy to do so. But within minutes after we had ended our conversation, he called me back. This dear friend has cleared his afternoon calendar for tomorrow, he is going to check the Atlanta terminal Tuesday morning, and if the pack is not found, he has insisted upon driving to Gainesville to pick up Mr. Son and have him stay with him for a few days to continue the search. He was actually quite put out with me for not calling sooner...describing us as a family of stubborn mule-headed I can't remember the rest of the names he called us...~smile~.

When I spoke with my son this morning, he sounded so weary, so disheartened. As we ended our conversation tonight, his attitude had changed, the sense of dismay has left him, he is readying himself to continue the battle to live his dream. With his voice full of emotion he thanked me. I told him his gratitude was unnecessary, I have not really done anything. He responded by telling me, "You've done a lot, and knowing you support me in this, has been important in getting me through these last few days." It wasn't just me though, it was the messages of so many others willing to help, we often forget how giving our fellow human beings are, or we hold onto a stubborn pride afraid of asking for help.

Was I an interfering mother? Or, just someone who wanted to help in anyway I could? I haven't decided yet. But, it was wonderful to hear the sound of hope in his voice again.

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I took photographs of my two darlings on Friday morning, and they gave me permission to post one on here.

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Remember the colony of mice invading my home?

They now have a new animal to contend with.


Take that you meeses!

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Deb said...

It's so nice to see your kids. Your daughter is different than I had imagined, I was thinking more country. They're both very cute.

And watch out mice.

Sunny Delight said...

Ah, Deb, Miss Daughter is so punked out! You forget the tattoos (3 now), and I think she is up to at least 19 piercings now. I ought to post a "country photo" of her.

I of course think they are both adorable and cute.

Once Bear feels at home, I hope the mice skedaddle!

Mary said...

There of course is such a thing as an interfering parent, but that is definitely not it. And reading what you wrote about helping your son makes me fondly remember all the times my parents have stepped in over the years when my quests for independence didn't go quite the way I wanted them to. And I know I, as their child, am nothing more than extremely grateful.

Your kids look great, and the cat is beyond adorable! If she's anything like mine she'll be chasing everything from mice to bugs and loving every second of it.

S'mee said...

You done good Sunny. I can't really imagine you being able to 'stay out of it' if there was a way you could possibly help.

Lovely kids. Surely you're not old enough to have grown up children?

Love & hugs, IanS.

Sunny Delight said...

It is nice to read what you wrote Mary, I don't think my children have ever told me I was interfering, but there are times when I waver...trying to decide when to step in, and when to hold off and allow them to do it all on their own.

As for Bear, he is watching the mice, but not actively chasing yet...but he still has 2 dogs and two people to adjust to...I am sure he will soon decide mice make a tasty snack. ~smile~

Thank you for your vote of support, and darlin' didn't I tell you? I adopted them at age 16! Nope, they are mine, and you know very well how what an "old" lady I am...OK...I'll take the lady part out!