Monday, July 21, 2008

Test Your Jitter Factor

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The above score, Very High-Productive Worker, Jittery, was me at 10:15 PM. Dunno why I feel so tired...maybe I just have a very fast index finger.

I can't imagine what it would have been at 10:15 this morning, after I'd had 4 large mugs of coffee!

Mr. Son at 8:30 PM. came in at the delusions of Godhood stage...too many cans of Red Bull methinks.


Fiona said...

*L* coffee, red bull, coke, they all do the trick when we need it!!

These days I've done a coke zero and 9 espresso shots (in 3 large coffees) by about 11am.

Gotta love coffee :) until the withdrawal headaches!

Fiona said...

Oh and ummmm, if you want to know how much of any given caffeinated product it would take to kill you, check it out here

Just so you know, Sunny :)

X. Dell said...

I finished at "high," which was two below the paranoid stage--which is a good thing for someone like me.

plan0 said...

I got the same level as you and I feel very mellow right now - after a Red Bull, beer, and a Coke Zero. I'm not to sure what that means.