Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sights from My Summer Vacation

Sulfur Well, Kentucky.
A place in history.
Many years ago, folks from hundreds of miles away visited this place to partake of the healing waters. I tasted the water. All I can say is...yuck!
At one time it was prosperous, two hotels were located there. Many mudbaths were taken, and oodles of water was drunk. In addition there was music, lots of music abounded at this wondrous place.

Today, not much there, except the well, and local bands playing, one weekend a year. The weekend of the third Sunday in August this location is peopled with many once again. Most are related to each other, they live far apart most of the year. But, Sulfur Well pulls them back.
This year was my second visit to this place. In just this second visit there were many familiar faces. I find it most interesting that this place that hearkens one to a time that is past, pulls so many back each year.

The Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly.
A beauty is it not?
In my life I had not paid much attention to this exotic wonder of our world, until this summer, when a young boy of eight years spent hours and hours admiring these small gifts of the universe.

I was supposed to spend my vacation time in this cabin. Unfortunately it was a victim of the harshness of mother nature. There was a flood this spring in Sulfur Well, the cabin floated away.

Ski. A softdrink, available in very few places. I brought some home with me.

Kentucky is famous as a land of caves.
I was introduced to a cave that has a history all its own.
A cave on the land of a distance relative, a cave used as a place to stay cool in the summer.
A place to "let down your hair" and just sit back and listen to the live tunes of the Kentucky Headhunters practicing. Amazing.

Crepe Myrtle, I am entranced with the beauty of this shrub, as are the butterfly s. I want one growing in my own gardens. Alas, it appears Indiana is too cold for such beauty.

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