Friday, April 15, 2011

Who I Am

Creating, becoming, always taking in what those in my life give to me.


These gifts from others, they are great, if only we accept them.

Each encounter we experience helps create who we are.

If we let it happen.



I am learning to accept these gifts.



So much pain we bring into our lives.

Do your remember time as a child?

Each day was a forever day.

As adults we wonder not where the days have gone but where the years have gone.

They are here with us if we arise and come out from under our interminable searching.

If we make the decision each day is a blessing.


Have you ever ask yourself who you most admire?

Now go further.

Then ask yourself why do you admire them?

The answer brings us so close to who we really are.

When we see what we admire, we see what we are searching for.

If we are open to that search.

We create, we become.


For what seems like forever I have searched for the perfect me.

There is no perfect me.

There is only the me I create.

The me I am becoming.

The me I will forever become.


Once Again said...

Deep Sigh. Breathe in your light. Feel the truth here. And leave you with only this...

X. Dell said...

(1) I've always seen perfection as an empty goal. It's kinda like a dog chasing a car. He'll never get it. And if, on the off chance he ever did, what would he do with it?

(2) I can't remember who said this, but it goes something along the lines of, "When I was young, the days were abundant, and I spent them like pennies." Even if the days are now twenty bucks each, most of us still think they're worth it.

I know, it's just that we're not getting as much day for the buck. Seems like the older you get, the slower time should seem; not the other way around.

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