Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I write lists, usually several a day, sometimes all the tasks that need accomplished will be on one list. Other times each list has to do with separate portions of my life, a work list, a home list, a volunteer organization list, a list of thoughts that may be meandering through my mind.

There are two problems with my lists though. I either cannot find them, because I will stick them in a pocket of whatever I am wearing at the time, or I cannot read my own handwriting, thus I will look at a list--and think wtf was I thinking of, what is mindle (this word was on one of Sunday's lists)?

I even tried to keep a notebook, labeled Lists, but I would leave the notebook in the car or leave it laying in whatever spot I was currently in, then when I needed the list it was not available because I didn't have it with me. Then I decided to use the memo feature of my cell phone for my lists, didn't remember this until one day I was playing with my phone, and listened to a memo I had made quite a while ago--that worked well didn't it?

I was asked the other day, if perhaps I would benefit from attending a time mangagement seminar, I could only laugh. Several years ago, I helped write the curriculum for just such a seminar. I know everything one is SUPPOSED to do to effectively manage one's time, to acccomplish the tasks needed. It is the implementation phase that finds me lacking.

It is a great feeling though to find an old list, read through it and mark off everything that was accomplished. I found one the other day that was several months old, I smiled broadly as I crossed a line through each accomplishment. Granted some of the very things I crossed off will very soon be on a new list, because they were tasks that crop up on a seasonal basis, but I date my lists, I had accomplished it all, and until I start a new list for those particular tasks I can continue to feel that sense of accomplishment.

So far, the best way for me to keep my lists updated is to use post-it notes, I have them everywhere, sticking to everything, these work well, I find one, read it, think DONE, wad it up and throw it in the trash, an excellent feeling. This action also allows me to remember the task has been accomplished when I run across it written on a list somewhere.
Double the pleasure, I can mark it accomplished twice.