Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An Untravelled Road

"It's not like I've ever even focused on what I want or where I am going. It's like life has been driving me and I have not been driving my life."
~ Said by the character Katherine, in the novel Annie Freeman's Traveling Funeral, by Kris Raddish ~

When I read this in the novel, it was like a bell went off in my head. I have often wondered, why the things in my life have come to pass, I did not plan so many of them, life was driving me. Now I just have to figure out how to drive my life in the direction I want to go. Even though I do love to take a random interesting sideroad on occasion, it is time to open the map and really look to see where I am going, where I want to go. Too bad I can't google those driving directions. But this time it is truly up to me to find the best road to travel.


Fiona said...

My problem is I don't I take cabs or buses or trains or boats or planes....usually I know the destination and often the route...but sometimes, just sometimes, my ride takes me on a journey of unexpected new sights and sounds.

I need to learn to drive...I've always wanted to go on a long, long roadtrip without just experience whatever is out there, whatever comes up on any and all routes I take.


Sunny Delight said...

I know, the new and unexpected are wonderful..but I think I allowed that spontaneity gene to have the drivers seat too long. I know I have planned some things, but mostly when I look back over my life...things just seemed to have happened without me controlling a lot of it.

Yes! You do need to learn to drive, then get your behind over here when you do, and we will take one amazingly wonderful road trip to anywhere!

D3M!!!! *L*

Fiona said...

I've never planned...well very rarely. Things have come or not come my way. Maybe I need to be more focussed in my pursuits, and not just take what happens to happen *S*