Friday, February 02, 2007


Have you ever had the thought..... how can I make this day different?
Not anything major, just something to add a dash of exuberant feeling to the day.

A moment of spontaneity, a thought, a wish, a desire enters fleetingly through your mind. Only today, you act on it.

A day full of the business of life, of work, a request for some of your time from a friend, tiredness feels overwhelming, a "no" forms on your lips, but instead you say "yes".

Caught in a snarl of traffic, a momentary feeling of irritation as you wearily try to wind your way home, a glance out the window, a small child peering out the window of the car beside you, your eyes meet, you feel a smile form on your lips, you wave to her, she smiles in return, and waves.

The starts and stops of a day full of errands. Wondering why they seem to be your neverending weekend chore. The lanes of the freeway closed for repair, two choices for the detour, a quick trip through some city streets, or a winding two lane highway following the course of a river, you choose the winding way home.

Your mind full of today's list of 'things to do' as you begin the day, you see the tender curve of your lover's neck as they prepare the morning coffee. You ignore the list, and instead move up behind them pressing your lips to the nape of that sweet bend, arms slipping 'round them to pull them tightly to you in a warm embrace. A whispered "I love you."

Small little nigglings that we often push away, ignore. Why?


Fiona said...

I tend to be pretty spontaneous, which is evident to anyone who knows me :) With big things as well as little things.

On those occasions I'm not, I guess two reasons would be....effort and hesitation.

Phil said...

I try to do something slightly crazy each day to add a little spark. Of course I can't always tell you what it is...