Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Recent Whimsy

When I was fifteen, during a gymnastics floor routine, I tore a tendon in my right hip, a year later, I had to have surgery on that hip. The after effects of the surgery left me with two legacies. One, I must always work at keeping my hamstrings stretched and flexible, or I end up with shooting pains down my right leg. Two, I have a rather unattractive scar on my right buttock, almost the length of my hand. The scar has faded with time, but it has always been a slight annoyance to me. Don't know why really, it is not as if many people see it. I rarely see it.

For most of my adult life, when the subject of tattoos would come up, I have been known to say, "Someday, if I ever get one, that is where I will have it placed."

Miss Daughter and I were visiting with some family friends, and the subject of Miss Daughter's tattoo came up...since theirs was the house in which it was given to her...and my friend had just recently found out her own daughter had received one the same night. During our discussion, my friend mentioned her own tattoo shopping trip. She wants one, but has not decided what it should be, since she wishes it to have a very special meaning. In that, I agree with her. I too stated, that I have considered getting one over the years, but, since they are permanent, I wish to be very very sure of the design I choose.

Miss Daughter then pipes up with, "But, Mom! You've always said, if you were to get a tattoo it would be a large butterfly on your butt! Now is the perfect time to do it! It would signify the start of your new life!"

I don't know...I had only thought of the idea of a butterfly, because I always imagined the shape of the scar could be hidden in the ink of the central body of the butterfly. In one sense though, she is correct, I have likened this new era of my life, to my sprouting wings, wings of freedom. The wings of butterfly would definitely portray that. (But, to cover the scar, it would have to be one really big tattoo!)

In thinking about this, I remembered the drawing below, which I used on my last blog entry. It speaks to me...for several reasons. I think of cats as very independent creatures, something I am trying very hard to develop more fully. Over the years I have known many cats, and like it or not, we also share other characteristics, thus it seems somewhat fitting to my personality. With the addition of the wings of the butterfly, and their significance to me...that profound sense of just might option to keep in mind.

Hmmmm, thinking the body of the cat, would hide the scar even better...

Anyway...something to think about.


LePhare said...

I'm not a tattoo sort of person, but if you do have it done, keep to light colours. They seem to darken over the years and what looks good now, may not a year or three down the line.

Post a pic if you do get it done, pleeeeeeeeerease;-)

All of her Secrets said...

K- I LOVE it...its such a great idea..I have three..each one is special..especially when it truly means something...I'm dying to have another done...

Fiona said...

That is such a beautiful blue butterfly.

I'm not an 'ink' person either. What looks good today, in 20 years possibly won't. But everyone has a different view on it *S*

I personally believe that scars are our badges of having lived. And a tribute to the fragility, as well as the resiliance, of our bodies.

Whatever you decide, it's your internal beauty that shines through *S*

Fiona said...

Oh and pssstttt Sunny - if you do ever show it to Ian, make sure you get a quid pro quo out of it ;)

deb said...

The drawing is beautiful. I love tattoos and have three, they all mean something special to me and mark a time in my life when something big happened to me.

Lephare is mistaken though, sorry Lephare, tattoos fade a lot over the years and light colors fade the most.

It's your ass, do whatever you want with it. My tattoos are all around my hips, front and back because I don't want to share them with the world, they're for me and the nurses who change my diapers when I'm an old lady. At least I'll give them something to smile about:)

X. Dell said...

A black cat would certainly hide the scar. But do you really want a tattoo? I mean, the only people who would see it wouldn't care about the scar anyway, would they?

Ciera said...

I think if you get one...get a pretty little one where people can see it...and get it done right they all said...

Sunny Delight said...

I am not sure about the colors, much else the design...there may be one in my future, if there is, I will post a photo just for you, although, mind you, you may have to view it through cling film ~laughing~

all of her secrets,
It is something I have pondered off and on through the years, with various locations in mind. And, it or they would have to have a very special meaning to me.

Yes, I am leaning toward the vibrant is pretty. I have many views, someday I may tell you about my piercing ideas *VBS*

Scars are in a sense a badge, each has some sort of story associated with them.

Thank you for the color advice, I will keep that in mind. And, wherever I decide to place one, it will be where it is not seen by the general public.
Not gonna say what I want done with my ass ~grin~

Laughing at your old lady comment :-),
Been thinking about this more and more, I started remembering how the scar tissue feels when pressed, not a good, if I do get one, it will not be to cover the scar...the thought of needles there gives me the shivers!

I think pretty is good, small is also a good idea, but, I think it will be where only special people can see it...