Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nothing Inbetween

Icy fingers of doubt slid up her spine, gripping her mind with a sudden blast of fear, "What have I done? Why did I need to revisit this place? Its all wrong, so very wrong."

Alone. Bereft. A gray forlorn figure blinded by tears, and the immensity of loss. No stars or moon to shed their comforting luminance, the sound of aged brown leaves whirling in the breeze her only company.

Spirit bleak, lost in an avalanche of ancient memories tumbling down upon her.

Once upon a time her bare feet had merrily skipped down this very same street. The bricks which formed it warmed from the sun, worn soft from years of pedestrian traffic passing over them. Once sharp edges eroded smooth from eons of cold and heat, wind and rain, snow and ice expanding and contracting them.

Once upon at time, long ago, a lifetime ago, she had lived, she had loved, she had laughed. Cocooned by its beauty and bounty.

Empty now. So empty.

Trees once swathed in green had lined its edges, trees now a dead frostbitten gray. Buildings once spied upon this street through windows of sparkling crystal light, windows now dulled and shattered filled with the ghosts of tattered curtains fluttering raggedly, as if the buildings are expelling the fetid air that fills them. Proud carved oaken doors once stood golden and gleaming facing the street, doors now roughened, splintered, hanging crookedly upon their hinges.

Once upon a time she had dreamed of a life garbed in joy, her heart beating to the deep rich rhythm of love and acceptance.

Once upon a time sparkling laughter had freely spilled from her lips.

Once upon a time she had embraced the future, as it had tried to give her its gifts, arms outstretched to her, palms cupped, forming an open bowl filled with soul lifting possibilities.

Once upon a time she had been guileless, guilt free and trusting.

Once upon a time she thought she was deserving of such gifts.

Once upon a time an open heart had beat within her chest.

But somewhen along this street of her life, the armies of the dark slipped out of the shadows, oozing up through the crooked cracks between the bricks, seeping out of the dank basements hidden beneath the buildings, and began flogging her soul.

Once upon a time was no more.

~Once upon a future, a small smile forms on her lips, as thin beams of silver moonlight begin to break through the bleak night, sending the dark army skittering once again for the shadows~


X. Dell said...

Wow. Neat prose.

Of course, I suspect that the sense of regret reflects things that have been on your mind for awhile now, things that you have blogged about.

I'm kinda looking forward to the chapter where you describe your protagonist's victory over the armies of the dark.

Steve said...

The title -to me- doesn't really fit.

'inBetween' was, first of all,

between the cracks.


Then, through the breaks.


The breaks and cracks each cause an interruption, a new production, a new line of flight.

Sunny Delight said...,
Yes, there is much regret, regret that I am attempting to let go of. I sincerely hope there is a next chapter.

The title to me, is where I am at now...I am inbetween...and much of the time feel as if my now is filled with nothing...I reflect on the past to understand mistakes made, I see future possibilities, but at the now is one of no forward movement...darkness, stagnation...limbo...

The moonlight is my wish for the future...

Thanks for your critique though.

Steve said...

the good thing...
is that time is subservant to movement, and not the other way around. In other words, you don't have to wait for movement, you just have to move. And you will see that time moves with becomes "unhinged." If you feel hinged to time, waiting for the door to open, or the light to appear, then move, and time change without delay.

Best regards, Sunny.