Saturday, March 01, 2008


All the puppies have been adopted!

I was so afraid I wouldn't find homes for them all. Huge, huge sigh of relief.

They all have such sweet, gentle dispositions it was an easy task. Each and every person that met them...immediately wanted them. I am amazed that all eight are so mellow in personality (canineality?), they are lovely animals, and I am sure they will grow into beautifully behaved pets, if each of their owners spends the necessary time. A nice thing about their adoptive families, is that I know several of them, and will thus be able to be kept informed of their growth and progress.

I am so, so happy. I delivered the last one today, and took another for a short visit with her new family. They will be out of the country for a few weeks, so I am puppysitting her until their return. Gotta say...her new 'Daddy' is gorgeous...just sayin'! ~smile~

We are keeping one...Moose...pictured above.

Other than that...I am looking forward to my house returning to some semblance of normality...or almost normal anyway.

There were days when it felt as if there were not enough seemed I was either cleaning up after them, feeding and watering them...and up after them again. It will be nice to not be going through over 20 pounds of dogfood each week too.

Don't get me wrong...I enjoyed having them around...well...most of the time.

Watching them grow, observing each change within and without, playing with them, nurturing them, bonding with several. They each knew me instantly when I entered a room...although that is probably because the sight, sound and scent of me meant FOOD!

I will miss them...but I am ONE VERY HAPPY WOMAN TONIGHT!


Gator said...

hugs good for you, I just got a new puppy, been thinking alot about you lately, hugs

X. Dell said...

That's a lot of responsibility. Were I you, I'd feel relieved by having just one dog in the house.

Fiona said...

Just look at that face!!!!! OMG that dog speaks with his eyes :):):)

S'mee said...

Got the picture tonight. Only got a little red X yesterday. Lovely looking pup, with just the right name. Fi's right about the eyes.

Jac said...

Are his eyes really blue, or is that just the picture? What a beauty. Also, on my work computer I just saw that the eyes in the previous post are green. It didn't show up at my home computer. Why are all the best bloggers green-eyed?

Sunny Delight said...

Wow, it has been a long time, I hope you are well, and congratulations on the puppy...although it does make me wonder...what happened to the lovely little miss you used to have.,
They were a load of responsibility, pretty much as I had expected though. It was a great relief to find them all homes. And from what I have been told, they are all coming along nicely.

He is a cutie...and so very smart.

Their expressiveness is truly adorable...and yes, I have a feeling he will grow into a MOOSE...he is the biggest of the bunch.

Their eyes have all turned to mostly deep brown at the moment...but at a certain angles, especially with Moose and his 'little' sister that looked so much like him (there were only two with the shorter Labrador-type coats) their eyes have stayed bluish the longest.

Smiling...the best bloggers have green eyes do they? Hmmm...what a great compliment to us.

And, very happy to see you are still around...methinks I have a rather aged email to answer...sorry about that.