Friday, October 17, 2008

Story People

"Leaning out as far as she can, hoping she'll fall soon, so she can stop worrying about whether it will happen or not. "


Jonas said...

You won't fall. You are stronger than that.

Fiona said...

Sometimes, Jonas, people think we are stronger than we really are. Especially those of us who have had to be strong for others for so long. Being strong for ourselves is so very much harder.

Sunny, I hope you don't fall. And if you do fall a little, that there is plenty to break your fall.

Mom to the Girls said...

Shoot Sunny, I'm so narcissistic these days, I thought that picture was me! I am good on the bottom, sometimes it's just freakin' easier, at least then I know there's nowhere but up. Love you woman.

Jac said...

My favorite story people: "Faith is beliving that one of two things will happen -- that there will be something solid for you to stand on, or you will be taught to fly."

Anonymous said...

Sending a hug. I wouldn't mind falling down sometimes, just for awhile, so people would quit expecting so much from me.

Sunny Delight said...

Well now, these new blogger comment blocks surprised me tonight. How long has this been going on?

Strength? Some days I feel it hiding inside, so much.

I miss you dear one, but so glad you are happy now. As for me...I think I have to fall, or maybe I already have, just need to check out all my bits to find if I am still whole. Been a tough few weeks, and not going to get any easier for a while, but I am still here, still breathing...this is a good thing.

Mom to the girls,
Smiling, you are so right...once at the bottom...UP is the only way to go. Thank you, and much love backatcha!

Hiya darling woman, miss you bunches too!OK, I will seek faith, and believe I find solid ground...well not too solid if I am falling onto it! Or hope I have some wings to aid me in flying high. Hugs.

I still think it is me who has the greatest expectations of myself...there are so many days when I wish I could just let that sister thinks I am getting there. think I have a long way to go yet.
I will try to paraphrase what you have written to me so many times..."just be yourself, you are wonderful as you are with no expectations from us here in blogland anyway. And if you have to fall...then fall...we all love you and will be there as best we can.